Dancing to the chin music

“Baseballistically speaking,” as The Kid once put it, it was not the best of days. Despite the valiant efforts of a crafty old cuss from my neck of the woods, youth prevailed and the Phightin’ Phils got served by a buncha upstart Kid Rocks.

In all other ways the day was lovely, and helpful to us in remembering another child. We got to hang out at a block party with our neighbors. The big people provided the food and drink, and the young’uns the good looks and entertainment.

Toochis-kickin’ mentschen that our neighbors are, they did us yet another kindness yesterday in dedicating a tree and a plaque to the memory of our little boy. It’s a cherry tree, and like the Wee One is starting off a bit scrawny. But the tips are green, and we look forward to its blossoming in the spring.

In the evening our good neighbor John set up a PowerPoint projector in the street and we cheered the Phillies on to ignominious defeat. The cops only showed up twice, and both times generously left after only mock-serious warnings.

This past year of our lives, like Phillies baseball, has been a campaign with much to cheer and much to groan. On this day last year we were blithely going about our business with no idea that spring training was about to get sprung. Although we didn’t start off in very good shape, we were helped along by a marvelous staff of coaches and trainers.

We do miss the Whiz Kid. Tomorrow he would have been one and we would have loved to celebrate with him the kind of little kid birthday party that’s all about the adults but is still fun anyway.

Still fun anyway. How strange that life can have this bitter tinge and somehow continue to be sweet. Yet this is what we’re finding, as our Phillies prepare for the trip home and we dust ourselves off and prepare to face Javid’s birthday.

It helps, we’ve discovered, to have good teammates.

9 Responses to “Dancing to the chin music”

  1. bia Says:

    dear tony and ana lisa,

    i am thinking of you today. with love, bia

  2. Matt, Chan, Addyson, and Aeron Says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Javid! We are thinking of you guys so much today. I love the post from the block party you had. And the tree .. what a wonderful reminder of Javid. What a wonderful neighborhood you live in! Take care and just know we love you!

  3. Sara Cohen Says:

    I am thinking of you all this day, wishing your wee one a happy birthday in spirit, hoping you are well and are able to get through this day, and the many “anniversaries” to come!

    Sara Cohen

  4. ann yoder Says:

    AnaLisa and Tony, you are in my thoughts and have been all this weekend. AnaLisa, one of my front-burner “gratefuls” is that one year later you are safe and well! And my other front-burner “grateful” is that you and Tony collaborated with the Universe to gift us with a beautiful little grandson whose amazing ability to communicate his lion-hearted self (Aslan-like!) despite the limitations of tubes and oscillators and respirators and medications and, and, and,…. well, for this awe-struck, grief-struck Grandma he became the threshold to a liminal experience of Reality. Of the miracle of birth. Of the emergence of a unique little original person. I am grateful for 6+ months with him and I’m grateful for the two of you. Woven through the sadness of today, I pray that you’ll also get a hint of “threads that run so true”, of some future gladness, of pleasant surprises, and of enough of chocolate to remind you that there is a sweetness to life afterall. Is all well with the child? Yes, all is well!
    Love, Mom

  5. Glenna Says:

    Hey Ana Lisa and Tony,
    Just wanted to send my thoughts and good vibes your way, on this, the b-day of one small but mighty lad. Hope you’re both doing well, and getting to do whatever it is that will bring you the most contentment today. Love, Glenna

  6. Ellie Says:

    Ana Lisa and Tony,

    The bitter mixed in with the sweet…yes, and we’re all thinking of you two-and precious Wee Boy- these past and to come days. Thanks so much for sharing the pics from the wonderful neighborhood celebration.

    Even the weather is similar to a year ago, I recall. And the tree that was planted…As I enjoy the beautiful colorful and soon to fall leaves, makes me think of Freddie the Leaf from Leo Buscaglia’s “Fall of Freddy the Leaf”-full of questions for his friend Daniel who is ready to let go from the tree and fall. Daniel offers that someday the tree will die too, but “there is something stronger than the tree. It is Life. That lasts forever and we are all a part of Life.” Dear Javid was but a bud. But he was and is an important part of life and will last forever in our hearts.

    Aunt Ellie

  7. Jill Childs Says:

    Just wanted to know that I am thinking of you both and your family. Hope your hanging in there and getting through this tough day. Javid is missed and always will be loved. Happy Birthday little guy!
    Jill Childs (the “other Jill” at Pennsylvania hospital)

  8. Ceci Says:

    Happy Birthday little Javid…

    I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you today. Having my mom in Intensive Care right now makes Javid’s experience so much more real to me. I can just imagine you two sitting in the hospital waiting for times to spend with him, and all the hope you had to keep holding in your hearts just to make it through the day. Dear little Javid, such a little boy, such a short life. I’m sure God will make it up somewhere. Maybe he gets some special treatment in Heaven, along with all the other little children who never get the chance to live out a full life. :-)

    Love you guys. So sorry you have to suffer.

  9. Helen Lapp Says:

    The day has meant pondering the meaning of our living days – and those who enter them. What an impact was left for us by those six plus months with Grandson Javid Fynn. I think we all needed help breathing as we waited and hoped and marveled while Javid grew into our darling Wee Boy – obviously aware of voices and faces and the feel of mommy’s skin and daddy’s furry chest. “Those we hold in our arms, we hold in our hearts forever.” True – and thanks for allowing so many of us in there also! Loving you back is easy. Helen/Mom/Nana Lapp