Everybody’s exercising today except for me.  Ana Lisa, as she’s done pretty close to every day of the pregnancy, is upstairs at this very moment powering along on her elliptical machine.  This morning we tried but failed to time things so we could witness our neighbor Lori cross the finish line of her first triathlon.  Lori got caught up in the adrenaline wave and completed it a half an hour faster than she’d expected.  Later today we’ll find out how another friend, Christine, did in the same triathlon, when she and husband Tim and their two kids come to stay the night.

Like I said, everyone’s exercising but me.  Unless you count what I’m doing right now as finger calisthenics.

Here’s a vignette from the triathlon:  After swimming a mile in the Schuylkill River and biking two circuits around what’s known here as the Art Museum Loop (2 loops = 17 miles) Lori slowed to a walk for a bit of the last stage (3-ish miles on foot).  She came upon a woman who was also walking, and looked like she was hurting.  Lori, who is congenitally incapable of not striking up a conversation in such a setting, asked her how she was doing.  The woman said not good, and that she didn’t think she could finish.  Lori looked at her and said, “Do you have kids?”  The woman allowed as she did.  “This is nothing compared to labor,” said Lori.  But, the woman said, she had a cramp.  “Yeah,” said Lori.  “Still not as hard as labor.”  The woman gazed at her for a moment, and then they took off running to the finish line.

Maybe because of the hospital visit the other night, or simply because we’re nearing a finish line of our own, we’re now thinking a lot more about what it will be like to actually have a baby.  Like countless legions before us, we’re suddenly nervous and not sure we’re up for this.

All of you who are parents or who spend less time in a state of denial than we do can feel free to stop laughing now.

I just thought I’d throw that confession out into the aether, for your entertainment and our purification.  Now for penance, I think I’ll go see if AL would like some company for her daily chocolate regimen.  You know, a little extra jolt for that sprint to the finish.

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