His due

Like a certain Wee Boy when he first gets wrapped up in a swaddling blanket, I found myself squirming a bit against the need to return to work this week.

Again like the Boy, I eventually had to face up to the inevitability of my restraints.  Given the lack of options, I tried to follow his lead and relax into the experience.

It did mean little time for blogging, although I hope to remedy that in the next day or so.

In the meantime, we took note this morning that today would have been his due date!  It’s already hard to imagine him having ever been inside of Ana Lisa.  After these last months of always trying to guess what he was up to inside there, it’s much more fun to just look down and see for ourselves.

More to come.

6 Responses to “His due”

  1. Glenna Says:

    Is he sporting a wee mohawk in this pic??? Super cute. Upon further inspection, it looks like AL might be trying for one too. You crazy kids! Hope you’re doing well! Talk to you soon!

    Love, glenna

  2. Sarah Says:

    Seriously… I think you are photoshopping these photos… this kid just can’t be THAT cute :) He sure is irresistible! Can’t wait to meet him. Hope you are all doing well.


  3. Cheryl Says:

    Beeeuuutiful pictures! How cute is he! Love the mother and son sharing a moment before getting on with the day…….Love to you all, Cheryl and Verton

  4. brendancalling Says:

    that is a VERY cute picture. Little guy looking up at his mommy.
    that’s awesome.

  5. Char Says:

    Hey, congrats on the new arrival!! He’s too cute – great pictures too, and of course, commentary :)

    Congratulations to you guys!!