Fogged in

So it turns out all those rumors about new parenthood causing sleep loss, foggy thoughts, lethargy, crankiness and luxuriant pink armpit hair were at least 80 percent correct.

I don’t have think I have enough coherency stored up to eek out more than a few paragraphs, so this post will mostly be pictures.  Please don’t be led astray by any apparent glint of awareness in our eyes–the camera adds at least 30 IQ points.

So the initial rulings from the judges are in, and it appears the Boy has squeaked through the qualification rounds and into the finals.  He benefited from a high start value for difficulty in recognition of the enormous handicap presented by his unfortunate draw of parents.  It appears the judges were impressed with his ability to stay calm in the face of the mounting pressure … as well as his general scrumptiosity.

As the media attention mounted, he was forced to rely more and more on his two furry guardians to take care of the paparazzi.

Fortunately Grandma Yoder was here for a whole week to coach him on staying loose and limber.  Or at least that’s what we assumed they were talking about.  It was pure happenstance, surely, that the days after Grandma’s departure saw his performance peak in several key areas, notably peeing all over Daddy, a new Beaumont Avenue record in projectile pooping (hit the wall!) and snorting breast milk through the nose.

The time period of Grandma Yoder’s visit also curiously coincided with a marked reduction in clutter around the house, as well as the temporary ceasing of normal dust factory operations.  Freed by Grandma Ann from the worry about whether pollution might harm his performance, the Boy luxuriated in the (temporarily) pristine facilities.

As long as the house was getting scrubbed, it was decided that the Boy could use a little delousing himself.  As usual he resisted at first, then surrendered to the inevitable tiresome primping.

Price of fame, boy.  Price of fame.

13 Responses to “Fogged in”

  1. Marion and Ellie Says:

    Ah- what we’ve been waiting for – a peek into the life of Little Boy and those who tend and love him! Mama, Papa, and Gramma Yoder- all in on the action of loving and caring! Keep the pictures and words coming! And may you feel rested one of these days… Love you all!

  2. Paul Yoder Says:

    Well…he already looks smarter than any Republicans I know! Thanks Tony. Love, Gramps

  3. admin Says:

    Now now geepaw… :-)

  4. Cheryl and Verton Says:

    What a sweet Little Boy! Loved all the family pictures…esp. those with Gramma Yoder…I’m sure she was a cleaning machine ’cause she knows how to whip things in order…and I’ll bet she sang to the little guy too! Keep on nurturing and loving and growing that Little Jai. With parents like you AL and T, that’s a given. Love you all!

  5. Helen Lapp Says:

    Well, this adorable photo display does help since – not having seen/held this little boy for at least ten whole days – I am feeling out of touch with my grandson.

    I do admit he seems to be managing quite well, but surely he could use my help with all that peeing etc. And I admit I want to “hold” and rock-a-bye-baby.

    Since Jai is really just a train/trolley trek away – maybe Thursday or Friday or Saturday – if we bring fresh sweet corn for the parents? And of course for his cousins ’round the block – we will ask first!

    Enjoy this amazing weather, NanaHelenMom

  6. kim Says:

    have been lurking for a while, but this small boy deserves real live written acknowledgement.

    cute cute cute cute cute.


  7. Ann Yoder Says:

    Little Sweetie… how I enjoyed holding and cuddling you last week, Baby Jai. With your Mommy and Daddy’s skills at seeing you through the lens of the camera, your ability to “rise to the occasion” is apparent. Your Grammy Ann hustled through your Mommy’s very manageable “to do” list for the week so that there was ample opportunity to just sit and hold you and watch you sleep and eat and grow and make hilarious and ever-changing faces and squeaky noises. Hug Mommy and Daddy and Chaka and L’il Kitty for me when you have a minute, Grammy Ann

  8. Suzette Says:

    omg this boy is getting cuter and cuter…

  9. Mario Says:

    Tony…your head is huge…or Jaiel’s body is little. either way that picture is cute. p.s. Patti wants another update on the website….”it’s already the 30th”, she says!

  10. Emily R-N Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy….!