Too long

Hah!  I actually get to say it:  Just as the doctor ordered.  Or rather, just as the doctor was instructed to pass on from his main squeeze.  (See most recent comment on previous post.)  And while I’m on the subject of said squeeze and physician, congratulations to you Patti and Mario for, as we referred to it when we finally did it 10 years ago, “buckling to social convention.”  :-)  If or when you decide to take the extra step of procreating, my only request is that Mario be allowed to name all the kids.  Just imagine how fun that would be!

Hey, the Boy’s a month old … more even than a month!  That certainly went by quickly; we’d better start saving immediately for his faux mitzvah.

I’ve somehow let two weeks slip past without posting anything.  That’s a ridiculous long time when measured in stanky diapers.  It’s also time for plenty of other developments, for example growth.  On Monday we had a pediatric visit and the Kid weighed in at 8 lb. 3 oz.  Even if that weight was load-in-the-pants assisted (we’re waiting for the official ruling), that’s a pretty respectable number.  And he’d also stretched himself out more than two inches.  AL had better start eating bananas so he don’t get no leg cramps like his poor daddy back in the 9th grade.

Speaking of AL, happy freakin’ birthday to my dear significant O!  Jai’s mama and my mamacita turned 39 on Wednesday, or as she herself might say, so indistinguishable from 40 you might as well go ahead and round up to 50.  Always the optimist, mi wifita.

We spent most of her birthday outdoors at Ridley Creek State Park.  Jai got to experience his first pickanick lunch, following which he got schlepped around some trails by the recent graduate of Hole-Slashed-In-Yer-Gut Academy.  Maybe we won’t bother to mention that at her OB appointment this week.

In the evening we stopped for Thai food, which AL would eat for first and second breakfasts, lunch, dinner and by IV drip if that were available.  What dish, you ask, did the birthday girl order?  “Young girl on fire.”  I’ve already started checking our credit card statements for anything resembling a hot red sports car.

This weekend we’re down in Harrisonburg, Virginia, visiting Jai’s Grandma and Grandpa Yoder and letting him get passed around among the local riffraff.  There may be pictures of that later.  For now, I thought I might toss out a few shots from the last few weeks.

First the really bad news.  Due to a series of missteps, errors in judgment and what could only be described as criminally poor parental decision-making, the Boy has begun to wear clothing.  I know.  Imagine what it’s like to witness his fall from grace in person.

Aggravating yet further this willful disregard for the whole clothes/evil, nakedness/good dynamic is the tendency of his parents to (literally) wear their politics on their sleeves.  That being so, it was to be expected they soon might cast their gaze toward the possibilities presented by this new canvas.

The wily lad, however, responded with another time-honored gambit–that of passive resistance to his parents’ attempts to mold him to their crunchy granola pretentions.

Think you can just wave incense over your crystals and turn me into a sensitive New Age guy?  I’ll show you what I think of that by burrowing my thumb way on up in here…

… and giving myself a biiigg whiff from here.  Ahhh, now that’s a rich manly aroma!

Boy’d better hope he holds onto those good looks, cause he’s not exactly getting A’s in the respect department.  What a ham.

We can only watch and tremble at what all this might mean for his adolescent years.  For now we’re just trying to keep the lines of communication open, even if it’s sometimes a bit bruising to our egos.

Man, that’s one big honkin’ head you’ve got there.  Dr. Mario was right.  Am I going to inherit that in addition to the body hair?  It’s hard to know how to express my gratitude.  Oh wait, I think I feel just the thing descending through my colon.

Pacifier, eh?  You want a Peacemaker may I introduce you to mine, courtesy of my good friends over at Colt.  See feller, this co-sleeper ain’t big enough for the two of us, so I’m givin’ you ’til sundown to get out of the bedroom.

Drums, I hear drums in the deep.  Up!  We must away through Dwarrowdelf and for the bridge of Khazad-Dûm!  There we may stand even against the very flame of Udûn, the Balro–oh wait, you’d probably be more the Gríma Wormtongue character, wouldn’t you?  Or maybe a Sackville-Baggins.  Never mind.

We have no absolutely no idea where he learned to be such a cut-up.  Maybe there’s something in the Philly water.

However he came by it, he certainly has added some entertainment value to our otherwise quite humdrum lives, whether it be in trying out various methods of repose…

…or providing me with interesting views from where my head lies on the pillow at night.

Imagine opening your eyes to this last one.  Almost as startling as those mornings when I try to help kick start Ana Lisa’s waking process by hovering my face two inches above hers, opening my mouth as wide as it can possibly go directly above her eyeballs.  And waiting.

The head-cupped-in-hand burping position has become such a regular around our house that Jai’s begun to throw in some character impressions just to spice things up a bit.  Here he’s doing one of my favorites, Ryan the Very Small Hawaiian.

First time in the islands?  Wanna get lei’d?

He’s been around long enough to have actually been bathed more than once by his lax caregivers.  That’s provided an opportunity or two for a little improv with the bath time props.

Velcome to Transyldelphia.  I’d like to suck your boob.

What, this thing?  Oh, I picked it up for a song over on the changing table.

7 Responses to “Too long”

  1. Matt, Chan, Addyson, and Aeron Says:

    We are loving all the pictures. Keep them coming .. I have to agree this little fella is getting more and more handsome every day! What a joy.

  2. Suzette Belz Says:

    oh my god those pictures are too funny and cute… Tony i love your sense of humor…AL we miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Glenna Says:

    Um, so I know I’m not a doctor, but I do now work with medical students…so I think that gives me the authority to request another update with cute pictures! =) Hope you three are doing well. Can’t wait to see you in person! Besitos!

  4. jilly Says:

    san antonio says HI! miss yous and the little cutie:) how’s things? how bout an update:):)

  5. Sara Cohen Says:

    I want to see more pics of the big boy! How is he? Sleeping well I hope! Hoping that all is well…we’ve got another on the way coming to us in April!