Joint venture

Hi everybody.  I have big news!

Say hello my Nana Lapp.  Hello Nana. Guess what she went and did yesterday?  Got herself two brand new knees, yessir.  Isn’t my Nana clever?

(Maybe when I grow up I can get a bionic body part or twenty.)

Now that my Nana comes with a built-in soundtrack (so cool), I’m feeling inspired to learn to run and jump and play myself.  The next time I see my Nana, I’m going to propose that we be physical therapy buddies so we can push each other.

C’mon Nana, bet you can’t learn to walk again before I can.  See how hard I’m working?

Say it with me now:  Pain is just weakness leaving the body.  Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Go Nana!

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