Lesser of two

Dilemma of the moment is figuring out which of the today’s two memorable events is more uncomfortable:

  • stepping in a puddle of cat pee on the living room rug (oh yes I just did)
  • staring at my own face in the newspaper

I haven’t figured out a way yet to send a scratch n’ sniff link, but if you’re interested in checking out the newspaper story for yourself, click here.  The man facing the camera is my director, Paul.  If you click on the arrow to the right of where it says “1 of 3” above the photo, then click it again when it changes to “2 of 3”, you’ll eventually get to see my shiny noggin.  “Read story” right above takes you to the whole article.  (For anyone who gets the paper version of the Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s on the front page of section E.)

5 Responses to “Lesser of two”

  1. Sara Says:

    What a great article! You do amazing and very important work!

  2. Angie Says:

    What Sara said. :-) Thoroughly enjoyed the article. It is an important work that you do. I’m curious what sorts of comments were removed at the end of the article. I’m guessing such an article might incite the ire of some?