Therapies old and new

I read with interest this week reports of a new study on the possible benefits of alcohol in reducing the risk of head trauma.  With a hairline that wouldn’t cover many of my old bumps and scars even if I didn’t shave it, I’m all in favor of creative therapies for the noggin.

Someone got therapeutically sauced this morning, mode tout-petit.  The freshly instituted rule around our house is when the Kid does a face plant on the front sidewalk and scrapes a nice patch of skin off his upper lip, he gets to drown his sorrows in grandparent-made apple sauce.

Results of the investigation will be forthcoming.

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3 Responses to “Therapies old and new”

  1. nanahelen Says:

    Jai, your Nana is thinking of you a lot - with a lot of love - want all the learning bumps to be little ones that don’t scrape. Heal, darling.

  2. Matt, Chan, Addyson, and Aeron Says:

    Oh, ouch! One of many bumps to come, I assure you. Hang in there and enjoy that applesauce! With love, Matt, Chan, Addyson and Aeron

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