WeePlanet dribbles from the 3-ish lb. brain of Tony Lapp, a just-‘cross-the-
doorstep-of-40 counselor of men (mostly) who have abused an intimate partner. He works here.

On Halloween 1998 a fiercely passionate, fundamentally decent, occasionally grouchy and sorta hot Ana Lisa Yoder decided to buckle to social convention and marry his sorry arse. They live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which was all cold and intimidating when they first moved there, but since has become small and friendly.

Tony enjoys riding the same bike he’s had since he was 13, reading, cooking and playing with gadgets. He is a cat person with a soft spot in his heart for certain special dogs.

Tony is originally from Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Ana Lisa was born in Ohio but grew up in Harrisonburg, Virginia. They met in Guatemala, where Ana Lisa volunteered for a women’s cooperative in a squatter settlement, and Tony worked for a language school. Their first meeting could have gone better. Tony lost the piece of paper that had Ana Lisa’s flight information and left her stranded at the airport. Big-hearted woman that she is, she has firm plans to eventually let him off the hook for that one.

On October 8, 2006 their son Javid Fynn Lapp Yoder arrived quite unexpectedly. He was born at 24 weeks gestation, a micro-preemie—weighing just 15 oz. and measuring but 11 inches. For 6½ months he worked hard to grow and heal from the trauma of being born so early. On April 27, 2007 he died.

Ana Lisa and Tony have many wonderful children in their lives, so they speak with some authority when they say that Javid was a great kid. While in one way it hurts terribly to talk about him now, in another it’s just as fun as it has been ever since he arrived.

This website grew from the search for ways to pass around a little boy who was hooked up to a lot of hospital machinery. Writing about and sharing pictures of Javid connected his parents to a much wider web than could have been maintained without the Internet.

On July 21, 2008 the same good doctor who delivered Javid pulled little brother Jaiel Amare out through Ana Lisa’s sliced up abdomen.  Besides weighing more than six times as much, Jai started off with all sorts of advantages over his brother, such as actual skin, a functioning digestive system and most importantly lungs capable of breathing on their own.

It’s a strange thing to welcome a new being in the wake of losing another.  Both Javid and Jaiel started small, but both have impacted us greatly. Whereas with Javid we often felt we had little control over the outcome, with Jai we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Different kinds of pressure.

There were many people who never met Javid, but in ways big and small were part of his brief stay on this planet.  Already many of the same folk and others have made Jai’s arrival a merry one.

Javid and Jai are our Wee Boys and this is their wee story. WeePlanet will always be in some ways about Javid, with lots more to come about Jaiel.  And the occasional bit part for the rest of us.