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Celebrating the brief but mighty life of
Javid Fynn Lapp Yoder
“Jah-vid” (think “java”)
born October 8, 2006, 5:13 p.m., 15 ounces, 11 inches
died April 27, 2007

All of Javid’s pages are structured in reverse chronological order. The earliest photos, updates etc. can all be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

May 27, 2007

Parentals. Always finding a way to horn in on the spotlight.
Wee Boy left us a month ago today but we just got this nice photo, taken a while back by Nurse Patti. We greatly miss his Niblitude and are trying to honor it by looking both backward and forward … dizzy as that may make us.


May 16, 2007

Thank you to the many who attended Javid’s memorial and the neighborhood gathering afterward. Thanks also to those of you who directed your thoughts and well wishes our way.

We are in the process of changing Javid’s Memorial page into a record of that day. We hope soon to have a video of the ceremony available for viewing on the page.


May 4, 2007

We are planning a memorial for our son Javid, who died a week ago today. We would love if you could join us. We continue to post news and musings on our Updates page, and have created a new page with information about the Memorial, which will be held on Saturday, May 12, at 2:30 p.m. Please visit both pages for further news and information.


April 28, 2007

The dear little Wee Boy died yesterday. We’re so very very sad.

We’ll be trying to plan a memorial in the next days and will post information about that once we know more. Meanwhile, we are continuing to write some on the Updates page.

Thank you to so many of you for your kind words and actions in the last days and over so many months.


April 25, 2007

See Updates page.


April 20, 2007

When “walking billboardism” becomes an intergenerational activity, the only sane response is to run away!


April 19, 2007

Hello, disembodied head and arm of my Aunt Scramy! Where did you come from, and where’s the rest of you? Regardless, it’s great to see even a little of you! (Hey, as long as you’re sneaking in bodies, do you think you could include those of cousins Maggie and Edwin? There’s a rumor going around the NICU that they’re really fun to play with…)

Maggie’s going up up up. Uh oh, Daddy’s going down down down…

Niblet got a mobile!
But only after some serious Net sweat by Ana Lisa … who knew it could be so hard to find one, as per NICU policy, with no fuzzy or cloth parts?

How do you solve a problem like Nurse Maria?
(She scrapes the gunk off my lips, rams thermometers up my armpit, sticks needles in me, raps on my chest to loosen up the lung boogers. I think it’s love…)

Sleeping with the Saints.


April 18, 2007

Aaah, it’s the dreaded Valerie monster, coming to gobble me up!

Ahh, lazy afternoon, aimlessly drifting on my raft across this backwoods lake, sun shining down, fish jumping, frogs croakin—listen, I don’t know what you’re getting at with all this talk about wind, cold and rain. Stop distracting me with your foolishness. Now, where were we? Oh yes—bluebird singing, gentle breeze ruffles my hair. Oh… yeah…

Once upon a time there was a smelly, crusty little boy in desperate need of a bath. Fortunately he ran into a Momma on a mission, and soon was all squeaky clean. UNfortunately he also ran into the clothing police, who forced him to cover up the glorious beauty of his natural bod. Ah well, life is a series of compromises.


April 17, 2007

And here, boys and girls, we come to a fine male specimen of the Nibletus abdo family, sporting the natural camouflage that protects it from NICU predators (but occasionally gets it misplaced by nurses)


April 15, 2007

Running to stand still.
Nurses Janet and Kristy hard at work on the Lil Boy…

… and a little less so later in what turned into a nice, slow day at the NICU.

Taking cues from his health care, ahem, professionals, Wee Boy chatted up his Mom for a while…

…before settling in for a long, leisurely Sunday afternoon nap.


April 14, 2007

Nurse Patti, yer back! Yay! Thank you thank you thank you for coming to visit. So … what’s the latest gossip from the Pennsy ICN? (I can’t wait to hear all the dirt.) Has Katie choreographed any new healing dances? Is Therese still airing out babies’, well, you know… How ’bout Vildan; still guzzlin’ the tea? Tell here I found something to make her tea drinking much more convenient. Oh, and all my primaries and doctors, can you please give them BIG ole hugs and sloppy wet kisses for me? I’d come do it myself, but the curfew here is ridiculous.

My man Brian Gallagher! Top o’ the DC Universe to you. Lessee, where were we? Oh yeah, as I was saying, I agree that Red Hood is definitely a good move for the Jason Todd character. Using the Lazarus Pits again as a resurrection plot device is getting a little stale, but the Superboy-Prime angle was fresh. For some slammin’ Robin action you really have to check out Tim Drake, though. He’s got it all over Robin II. Now, tell me about that convention in New York. Did you really almost get to meet Stan Lee? Ohmigawd!


April 13, 2007

Southern Eye for the Wee Guy.
A certain unnamed Nurse came back from her vacation determined to spruce up the Boy’s image.

See Nurse Jilly, this here’s what they call a no-look hand off. Did you see how I just faked Daddy out of his jockstr-, er, boots? Like taking candy from a baby.

A rare glimpse of the Niblet sans breathing tube tape … sort of like that first time you run into someone after they shave off their mustache. (Also, check out Nurse Lori’s expert makeshift straitjacket. Try to flail your way out of that, kiddo!)

Let’s see you try to tickle me with those fingernails now, buster!


April 12, 2007

Staring contest! First one to blink or look away loses … hey c’mon, that was too easy! It takes all the fun out of it if you don’t even try! (What is this, a Yoder family flag football game?) If I wanted this to end in a cakewalk or a tie, I’d play the Ungame. NICU rules: No activity is over until a winner and loser have been clearly established!

Thanks for holding me, Momma. This is great. Now if only Daddy Stupidheadyeah, that would be youwould stop flashing that light in my face!

So… turns out there’s this interesting possible concatenation of body parts when a big person holds a wee person that occasionally results in the wee one’s hand resting right on that place between the armpit and the ribs—you know the one—that’s most sensitive to tickling. Add a kid whose favorite aerobic exercise is flailing, and the resulting mixture violates articles from several different Geneva Conventions.

Of course none of this should in any way be taken as analogous to a particular nation’s current standards for international conduct. We note with interest, however, that after just an hour and a half of the Secretary of Nibletry treating his Mom’s ribs as an unlawful combatant, he didn’t even need to move his hand to set off the tickle reaction. Did that mean he could just hold it there and still torture his Momma? You bet. Did she have any recourse for redress? Not according to the Supreme Court. If this situation becomes the status quo, is it a breeding ground for the kootchy koos? Well, as we know, there are known knowns and there are known unknowns. This one, however, may just have to remain an unknown unknown. Unk unk!


April 8, 2007

Happy Easter…

Nurse Patti! Oh man, I wanna hear all about your vacation. Was the wedding beyootiful? Did you cry? (I always cry at weddings.) Does everyone over on the West Coast talk funny like my Uncle Carlon? (Probably not, right? I had a feeling it was just him.) Hey, you’re all dressed up! Did you do that for me? Shucks, you shouldn’t have!

Hey, um, uh, this is a little embarrassing but just between Niblet and Nurse… I think maybe I gotta teeny weeny problem with B.O. today. You didn’t happen to lug 30 gallons of water in here with you so you could quick give me one of your patented Nurse Patti super soaker baths? I miss them with what can only be described as perverse nostalgia.

After getting all excited at Nurse Patti’s visit, the Wee One proceeded to crash hard, lulled to sleep by the gentle snores of his new naptime pal. Javid says thanks for the bunny, Patti, and stop by for a visit anytime!

…and Happy 6th-Month Birthday to the Niblet!

Finally some clothes a kid can get down and scuff his knees in! Now where’s my skateboard?

So Pops, lemme tell you about my plans for the next six months. Basically (and this is a trick I learned from my Uncle Sneeven), take all the normal activities for a kid my age, put the word “extreme” in front of each, and turn it into a competition. Now that sounds like a fun time!


April 7, 2007

Okay, looks like we’re all hooked up for the maiden voyage of my new breast milk snorter. Please make sure the milk’s been properly warmed up, though. It’s not nice to give Baby brain freeze.

Fun fun fun fun fun!
Wee Boy, who can get pretty bouncy in his own right for a kid tied to a tube, got some new scenery today with the addition of a Tigger card (courtesy of GranAnn and GranPaul) hung above his head. Mom and Dad only felt a little jealous at having to compete for attention as the Niblet scoped out the springs on his new friend.


April 6, 2007

Nana Lapp, you sure do tell some good stories. Can I hear the one again about how my Daddy was stinky too when he was a baby? (Just between me and you, he sometimes tries to pass the blame off on me, if you catch my whiff, er, drift!)


April 5, 2007

Nothing “wee” about that stench!


April 4, 2007

Honestly? Staring at this tube thing all day, every day … it’s getting a little old.

Slip me some skin, Sis. (Ain’t no thang!)

GranPaul! What’s the word from the herd? Naah, now I know you’re messing with me! F’real? You found out that back in the golden olden Yoder used to be spelled with a “J”? (Snicker.) Next you’ll be telling me my other last name used to be spelled with a “C” and an “R”. You know what? Sometimes my Pops is really full of Lapp. (Snort.)

Now where you hiding GranAnn?


April 3, 2007

Strapped in and hangin’ loose

Taking a nap on the Lapp

Hey, c’mere a minute. I wanna talk wit’chyouz.


April 1, 2007

Me and my chest PT
After an X-ray showed a bit of collapsing in one lung, the Niblet got a good working over from Nurse Tracey. If this kid doesn’t grow up with a good sense of rhythm, what with all the tapping, patting and vibrating he’s had in his short life, then the Nature vs. Nurture debate will be resolved once and for all!

Whattaya mean no rhythm? Can’t touch this.

Wigglin’ (video)


March 31, 2007

The Lil Acolyte gets a visit from two future mentors, Terry the Butler County Mounty and Paul the Menergizer Bunny. Early coursework offered by the masters:

  • The making of a seriously booty-kickin’ partay: A primer

  • Waterfall construction and maintenance: Musings of an artiste

  • Lawn Art 101: Five easy steps for transforming kitsch into, well, cooler kitsch (extra credit available through an intensive weekend workshop: “Limb removal and/or repositioning: The perils and joys of religious iconography as medium”)

Dice-K and a trio of dingers
Wee Boy’s parents, auntie and uncle took in the last pre-season Phillies game versus the Red Sox. Sadly the Phils lost, but fun was still had by all. (Thanks for the tickets, Jimmy!)

Later in the afternoon Lil Boy got to hear all about the game. Apparently he’s got some learning to do about sustained active listening. Zzzzzzzzz.


March 29, 2007

Wee Boy’s luxury digs at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

It’s alive!
Javid does his best giant killer squid impression before getting an EKG. (No boats were pulled down into the murky depths in the making of this photo.)

Lookin’ for somethin’ that ain’t there, Boy!

Who is this stranger?
Some random person who looked vaguely like Nurse Jill (but who obviously couldn’t have been because she wasn’t wearing scrubs) stopped by to visit us … oh who are we kidding? … to visit the Boy. :-) We watched with some amusement as fingers twitched with the effort to not adjust his tube, give him a bath, change his diaper (okay, probably not that one) or sing him Prince songs. (Javid’s request list: “Take Me With U,” “In This Bed I Scream,” “Nothing Compares 2 U” and “Baby Knows.”)

Enjoy your vacation in Looziana, Jilly. Javid says “Geaux Saints!”


March 28, 2007

Nurse Jill spent her last night with the boy playing dress up, challenging the other staff to a Who-Can-Make-Him-Smile contest, and showing off her mad skillz in getting his ventilator supports down while keeping his “sats” up. Crazy Nurse Jilly Jill, Javid misses you already.

New pics from March 25


March 27, 2007

Rock on dude!

Mah mama’s real purty, don’tcha think?

Morphine dreams are happy dreams!


March 25, 2007

Nurse Tania:
Today I dress you in my national team color, coração. May you grow strong like Figo, nimble like Ronaldo and crafty like Senhor Scolari.

Papa, you think when I’m big I’ll be able to bend it like Cristiano?


March 22, 2007

Sleep like an Egyptian

Hey, leave a fella alone when he’s scored some face time with his mother!

Face time (video)


March 21, 2007

Okay, I’ve got my Thinking Cap on … now give me a minute to focus. Are you picking up anything yet? No? Wow, what’s wrong with you?

Sucking away (video)

…even when I’m asleep!
In the time-honored tradition of big people roping the little ones into their ideological battles, Wee Boy suddenly found himself transformed into a walking (well, lying down) billboard courtesy of one of Ana Lisa’s coworkers. Unnamed gift-giver be warned … if the FBI starts illegally wiretapping the Niblet, we’re giving you up in a heartbeat. We can only protect you so far, Sarah Ama—oops!


March 15, 2007

One last schlurp for the road.
Nurse Patti gives the Wee Boy’s breathing tube a good suctioning before heading off on a richly deserved vacation. We’ll miss you Patti. Javid says to make sure you get lots of chances to relax and play!

So, how yoo doin’?

But I don’t wanna settle down!


March 13, 2007

Fun fact alert!!!
We recently discovered something verrrrry interesstinnnggg. Apparently a number of the nurses at the Pennsy ICN have developed, shall was say, a mild aversion to breast milk. Yep, much as they may know in their heads that breast milk is the best milk, when it comes to actually handling it and feeding babies with it, they’re completely GROSSED OUT!

We’re quite concerned for our dear friends the nursez. And we know from some personal experience that much as one may be tempted at times to curl up in a hole and hide, eventually it’s important to face your fears.

As such, we’ve decided to try to lend a helping hand with a simple desensitization tool. Think of it as exposure therapy. We’re recommending that any nurse afflicted by BMAD (Breast Milk Anxiety Disorder, pronounced “Be Mad” and sure to be included in the next edition of the DSM) download the following, put it on continuous loop, and force yourself to watch it for at least six hours straight:

Got Milk?

Remember, no pain, no gain!


March 11, 2007

4 lbs.-somethin’ (from Feb. 1)

7 lbs.-somethin’
Oh what a difference a couple of pounds can make … especially when it almost doubles your body weight! This outfit from Nurse Patti is starting to look less and less ridikilous every time he wears it. Soon we may even have to stop teasing her about it.

Auntie Walerie stopped by to brighten the nursery with the same smile that got her voted Cutest Altar Girl in Brunei three years running back in the 60s … (ouch, Valerie!) er, we mean the, uh, late 70s, of course…


March 9, 2007

¡Mire, tenemos visitas! ¿Les sirvo café? ¿Toma leche? (La servimos fresquita.)
After a siesta that had lasted most of the day, el hombrecito was wide awake for his visit with the parents … who greatly appreciated it since it was their first time getting to hold him in about two weeks.

Never too old/young to ham it up for the camera.

With the lil one due for a dose of Viagra, Tony thought it perhaps the right moment for a first attempt at a father-son sex talk. Javid listened patiently and attentively, never letting on how much he’d already picked up in the preemie locker room.

Momma, can you never let Dad do that again? Remember that position I used to assume back when I was in utero? I mean I just wanted to curl right up in it again! I think I may be scarred for life.

Resistance is futile!


March 8, 2007

Happy five-month birthday, Javidcito!

Essence of big uncle-y pinkness!
Wee Boy finally got a chance to experience the form and functionality of his Uncle Carlon today. Bystanders were left with absolutely no idea what they were talking about. Verily.


March 6, 2007

Shhhh, baby’s sleeping…
With rest and little stimulation a critical part of his current treatment, everyone’s happy when the little tyke nods off. Don’t tell anyone, but occasionally his parents wish for a few hits of the sedative he’s getting.


February 25, 2007

(Look everyone
my first out-of-cake experience!)

On a day where the Big People did their share of nail biting, the Little Feller (with some help from Nurse Jill) did his part to try to cheer up grumpy ole Dad.


February 23, 2007

His parents may be really worried, but Wee Boy calmly went about the business of continuing to grow. Most of the day he was pretty zonked on sedatives, but he woke up for a while in the afternoon while we were visiting.


February 21, 2007

See update.


February 18, 2007

Exposed! OCD nursing.
We’re not naming any names, but somebody’s (or more accurately, several somebodies) got some answering to do about creating entirely unrealistic expectations for what Lil Boy’s bed is going to look like when he gets home.

Plenty of Niblet to go ’round.
Mom and Dad (somewhat begrudgingly) learning to share.

Also, New2U photos, here and here.


February 16, 2007

Looks like we may have another hand talker in the family. Join the crowd, buddy!

Next I’ll be performing a little Coltrane on my tenor vent. Whaddaya say to “You Leave Me Breathless,” followed by “Attaining”? Then we could move on to “Half Steps” and maybe wrap up with “Giant Steps.” Yeah baby.

Okay, I’m done. How ’bout you whisper sweet nothings in my ear, now, mamacita?


February 13, 2007

“How’s the cowboy go to town?”
Uncle Davey gets his first chance to bounce the Wee Cowhand on his knee.

Read the label carefully before “bagging” me, please!


February 11, 2007

Words of wisdom from Great Uncle Gene: “Okay kiddo, so just remember, the basic rules of Diener family football are: points for creativity, and the game isn’t over till it can end in a tie. Related to the last point, when your Dad says that’s ridiculous, he’s the one who’s ridiculous.”

Great Aunt Gloria and the Velveteen Niblet
“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

“Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

“Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

“Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to the people who don’t understand.”

The Levitating Baby trick might be a little bit more convincing if he could lose all the wires.


February 10, 2007

Oh hey, Nurse Patti. I’m just laying around listening to the ‘rents read Doctor Seuss on this CD player.

Yikes! All those Whos down in Who-ville are tiny and have tiny voices just like me! And look what woulda happened to them if it hadn’t been for good ole Horton.

I’d better start practicing my “yops”!

Pale green pants with nobody inside them? Right now my pants are probably wishing they had nobody inside them, if you know what I mean. Pee-yew!

I know they just pulled the tube out of my mouth, but you expect me to give up my pacifier, too? Uh uh. Listen, you try living for four months on a ventilator and see if you don’t develop an oral fixation. Now leave me and my binky alone…


February 9, 2007

Uncle Davey, stop telling me to give my daddy a hard time. (0h wait, repeat that last one. It sounded kind of fun…)

Plumber’s smirk…
In the on-going quest to give J-boy’s diaper rash the old heave-ho, he even got a heat lamp trained on the ole gluteus maximus tonight. It made quite the first impression when the parents arrived!

Thank goodness this isn’t on video.
Take two supposedly competent adults (no snickers, please), and give them a task totally outside of their area of expertise. Filed under “things we know”: that much amusement was provided for the supervising nurse. Filed under “things we hope for”: That Marine Boy ended up at least a little bit cleaner after his bath than when we started.

So anyway, as I was starting to tell you befor… huh, what is it now? Oh for heaven’s sake, will you stop going on about my diaper rash, already? What is it with you people and your infantile fascination with butt jokes? Okay, calm downremember, somebody’s got to be the grown-up around here.


February 8, 2007

Javid is 4 months old today, and asked us to mark the occasion with a special message for Tony’s college buddy Ron!


February 7, 2007

Am I a real boy now, Papa Gepetto?
The Lil Puppet (or is that “Poppet”?) reached a milestone at his weigh-in last night. Five pounds and climbing. Jiminy crickets!


February 6, 2007

Admit it, it sounds a little tempting!
With his nurses working diligently to find a cure for what ailed his hind quarters, Flash Gordon often found himself with his nether regions flapping in the breeze. (Breeze courtesy of a handy extra breathing tube.)

With his “stuff” all packed away, ’twas time for another nap.


February 3, 2007

Oh the baboonity!
The contest for “poignant hilarity” received a new entry as the Wee Primate took diaper rash to a new level today. Because there are some pictures even an 18-year-old shouldn’t have to have shown to his prom date, we’ll substitute a stock photo here. But if ever an image from the animal kingdom accurately captured a human moment, this is it.

Fortunately Javid’s day and nighttime nurses were undaunted. Nurse Theresa, the nicest person to ever use a descriptor we’re too embarrassed to have Javid’s great aunts read, had him propped up with air blowing on his poor little red bum (“Red Bum! Red Bum! Heeeeere’s Javid!”) And Nurse Nicole happily accepted the challenge to perform Reiki on his butt, calling the prospect “interesting” and promising to write a research paper on it if it worked.

Make fun all you want. ‘slong as I got my binky and my skully, I’m kool.


February 2, 2007

Great Aunt and Uncle Mim and Jim
stopped by to visit Tiny Tim.


February 1, 2007

Option A: With this handsome gift, Nurse Patti showed touching confidence in Javid’s future growth and development.

Option B: It’s probably a good thing somebody pursued a medical career and not … err … professional clothes fitting… :-)


January 31, 2007

Wee Boy patiently explains to Tony’s coworker Carrie that even though she may still think of herself as maybe at most an older cousin, she’s really more in the honorary aunt category.

Da bears under da stairs
The sight we came home to tonight after the Boy got reintubatedcourtesy of Andy and Linford, the crazy contractors building our new stairs. Cracked us up, then made us cry! (In a good way, guys. No worries…)

Also, Nurse Patti just sent some pictures from January 25.


January 29, 2007

“So um like, forebear mine (and by forebear, I mean first among the gnarly beasties), I had barely opened the lids this morning when some absolute betty of a nurse yanked my totally tubular breather right out of my throat, and strapped on this grody elephant gear. And now I’m like, I’m so sure… Tell me the truth, this looks way sketchy, huh? I know, I know, a full-on Monet, right? Like, gag me with a mastodon!”

Faced with a nurse whose response to his wailing was to laugh and cheer him on, Lil Boy eventually ceased his protestations at the new headgear and settled down. Fortunately Kermit was there to commiserate with him about the adults and their crazy ways.


January 28, 2007

“So Yoder Dawdy, I want to hear all about the work you’ve been doing on my bedroom. Did you soundproof it real good like I asked so’s my nosy parents won’t be able to spy on me?”


January 27, 2007

“Finally some folks who know what they’re doing.”
On a day that saw visits from lots of family members, but not the parents who were home sick, Javid got to spend some quality face time with his Yoder grandparentals.


January 26, 2007

On Thursday the Lil Junkie ran out of good veins for stickin’ in his arms and legs, and for the second time in his life had to get an IV in his head. “No problem!” thought his image-conscious parents and nurse. “We’ll just cover it up.”

Yeah, like that was going to work…

“Now there ain’t no way that’s a real hat. Tell the truth, Dad, you just photoshopped it in. You seriously think that’s going to fool anybody? It looks like something off a felt board for chefs.”

“I know you’re not making fun of me now. Hey, wha’s goin on over there? Is that a smirk? Oh no he didn’t. I am so gonna open up a can of keister-whup. Here I come.”

“Come see the violence in’erent in the system! ‘Elp! ‘Elp! I’m being repressed!”

“Just you wait ’til it’s you in the retirement home. You’re so going to be wearing Depends.”


January 25, 2007

“Ahh, finally some relief from that funky hospital stank.”
Photos taken by Nurse Patti after one of her famous baths (think Niagara Falls suddenly opening up over his crib). Okay, okay, we’re convinced already. He likes it. Now just don’t drown him!


January 24, 2007

“When I saw how you were dressing him these days, I knew I had to bring him some new clothes.”
Tony’s bud Jim Longacre stopped by with some new duds for the boy. Javid’s thinking he likes his Uncle Jimmy and looks forward to splashing through the creek with him, Aunt Ann, and Ben, Sam and Zoe out at the farm.


January 20, 2007

Hey Mom. Don’t mind me. Nurse Patti’s just helping me get reacquainted with my old buddy Lung Tickler.


Still looking for the “real shedder.”
How’s this for a dubious milestone: First chest hair fished out of Lil Boy’s mouth. Tony may have been the only adult male in the room, but he’s convinced Johnnie C could have swayed a jury. (“If the hair curls, blame it on the girls.”)


January 19, 2007

…and now you see it again.
Much to the dismay of parents anxious to see him kick the habit, after about 36 hours the Wee Piper was back toking away on his tube again.

Stretchin’ out.
Javid did graduate from his isolette yesterday. We figure maybe the Pennsy folk know something we don’t about the human version of a-fish-will-grow-as-big-as-its-fishbowl. If so, we may soon have to come up with another descriptor for the Boy than “Wee.”


January 17, 2007

(drum roll)
For my 100th day since birth, I will perform the following vanishing act…

Now you see it…

Now you don’t!
And no, silly, of course we’re not talking about the shirt. Which, by the way, if there’s such a thing as unrealistically high life ambitions (read Dan Quayle and 99.9 percent of all American Idol contestants), there certainly ought to be a category for criminally lowballing one’s aspirations. It might be conjectured that once the tube was removed and Lil Boy could read his shirt, he could do no less than sound a barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world to see what little was expected of him.

But we digress (naw, really?)… LOOK LOOK everybody, NO! TUBE! This morning Javid’s oxygen bong (whoa man) was summarily yanked out of his lungs, and his throat for the first time felt the joy of, what was it again? oh yes … NO! TUBE!

Alan Greenspan, go stuff yourself. This calls for some Irrational Exuberance!

Later, once the offending shirt was swaddled over, the Tubeless Wonder calmed down considerably. We may eventually, as well.


January 13, 2007

Video extravanganza!

If you don’t watch any of the rest, be sure not to miss this really great clip from January 5, taken by Nurse Jill. (Hint: Turn up the volume to hear Javid being coached to pop out his breathing tube.) :-)

A short clip of the little sucker.

Eyes open plus a cameo appearance by Nana Lapp!

Sweet baby boy.

Back massage from Nurse Theresa to loosen the gunk in his lungs.


January 12, 2007

Don’t click on this picture!
Included only for the truly masochistic (and for Nurse Jill, who seems to inspire great feats of bodily function in our boy), a visual record of a wee bum explosion. For the record, that’s four diapers and two layers of bedding that got blasted through when Javid decided to go all China syndrome and drill for the earth’s molten core.

All wrapped up.

Zonked out after kangaroo time.


January 9, 2007

Yo Nurse, rat me out I’ll have to break my binky across your kneecaps!
After cowing the “guards” into submission, Babyface yanked out his tube tonight in preparation for flight. Unfortunately his daring escape attempt was foiled by his inability to crawl (through a tunnel), much less run (from the tracking dogs). Soon his oppressive jailers had recaptured him, stuck the breathing tube restraints back down his throat, and it was back on the chain gang for the Wee Mobster.


January 7, 2007

After a marathon 2 1/2-hour session of kangarooing, the mini marsupial was starting to show signs of a nascent pouch.

Javid found his fingers this afternoon, and got a bit excited.

A boy and his mom / A boy’s favorite drink … and his mom’s.


January 6, 2007

What is all this weird stuff curling and waving around my tube o’ air?

Whaddaya mean, I shouldn’t call it “weird”? Just look at the stuff, Mom, it’s all scratchy and clumpy!

Hey Pops … you never heard of waxing?

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the wind blowing through all this underbrush…

(To listen to the other side of the conversation, click here. Talk about a communication gap…)


January 4, 2007

Auntie Sue O comes a callin’.

I’m tired of everybody looking at me. I think I’ll look at YOU for a while!

Hey y’all!


January 1, 2007

Little Boy Blue
He may have been back under the same bilirubin lights, but this time there was more Niblet to tan


December 31, 2006

At year’s end we find ourselves with so many people in our lives that we’re grateful for. You’ve made the challenging last few months of 2006 so much easier and so surprisingly filled with joy.

To the nurses and doctors of Pennsylvania Hospital and CHOP, our son is alive because of you. There are no words to express how wonderful you are at your jobs, and how much care you’ve given not just to Javid but to us.

To family, friends and colleagues, you lift us up, crack us up, and make us in every moment aware that we’re never alone.

To all of you, warm wishes for a Happy New Year. We can’t thank you enough.

One last kangaroo for 2006

Soon to find it’s way onto Wikipedia under “Inevitable consequence of telling someone gingerly holding a fragile preemie to ‘be sure not to laugh.'”


December 30, 2006

Caving in to the tyranny of the majority
After 2 1/2 months of Living La Vida Desvista, Wee Boy found himself powerless in the face of social pressure from adults jonesing for an “aww, ain’t he adorable in that little outfit” moment. Today it’s a handmade onesie (all right, all right, a truly handsome handmade onesie), tomorrow a monkey suit. (Yes well, it was a good ride while it lasted, son.)

Tony finally got his return shot at Kangarooing today, and the Niblet was so relaxed he didn’t even seem to mind the shag carpet.

But it’s such cute little sputum!
Tony’s reaction to learning that Nurse Jill’s gag reflex extends to Javid’s lung secretions.


December 29. 2006

Almost a month and a half after her only other opportunity, Ana Lisa finally got to give kangaroo care to Javid for a second time. Two hours later, they were both glowing!


December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Auntie Val and the other Uncle Mohan brought some holiday cheer to the ICN.

Y’all are gonna pay for what you’re doing to my complexion…
Wee Breather needed to have his tube retaped this afternoon, providing a rare glimpse of his naked face.


December 24, 2006

Headrub Heaven (be vewwy, vewwy quiet!)

Lil Boy got lots of lovin’ and head rubbin’ today from Aunt Nadia, Uncles Steve, Mohan and Aaron, and even Mommy. (Daddy head rubbed as well, just off camera.)

Even Ana Lisa scored a head massage


December 23, 2006

Frankincense? Myrrh? No thanks. But if you have some, I’ll gladly take some Fragrant Milk!
Wise Auntie Nadia and Uncle Sneeven came from afar to visit the Grephew, bearing a gift of his personal ambrosia.


December 21, 2006

Zonker Harris, eat your heart out!
Sporting a healthy glow after several days under the bilirubin lights, the shameless little tyke mugs for the camera.


December 20, 2006

Javid was thrilled to get one last visit from long-time honorary family member Jud Shearer, before he (Jud, not Javid) takes off for a new job in Nairobi, Kenya.

Do you really have to move so far away, Uncle Judly?


December 18, 2006

Preemie dreams?
Today we found out that Javid’s lung infection can officially be called pneumonia (because it shows up in X-rays of his chest). Neither of us can remember ever experiencing the same level of annoyance with a bacterium. It’s bringing out positively aggressive thoughts! (“Let’s go medieval on its … er … flagella.”)

Although the good folk at Pennsylvania Hospital are treating the infection shall we say, “assertively,” we’re of course anxious to see it clear up quickly. It’s not like he doesn’t have other things to deal with!

Tony had pneumonia in 2nd grade, and remembers feverish dreams featuring a cameo by Captain Caveman, as well as hallucinations of the television multiplying and stacking on top of itself ad infinitum until it was a teetering tower that disappeared up into the sky, à la Doctor Seuss. No lie. So now we wonder what if any mental gymnastics are occurring in the brain of our sick son. Since we’re fairly certain it contains less drivel than that of his father, we hold out hope that his dreams are peaceful and comforting … and totally devoid of swaying spires of boob tubes!


December 17, 2006

Javid is 10 weeks old today!

Pumping up?
Little boy is starting to show signs of some real meat on his bones


After being switched from the oscillator to the conventional ventilator, then back again, Javid spent some time this evening giving his parents tachycardia by experiencing episodes of bradycardia (momentarily dropping his heart rate below 90 beats per minute). Nicole, who was caring for him tonight, told us each “brady” was his way of telling us he was pissed at us for messing with him so much today.


December 14, 2006

Back home away from home
Today Javid moved back to Pennsylvania Hospital, and he and we couldn’t be happier. Returning felt like a homecoming, with nurses and doctors that we don’t even really know greeting us and welcoming us back. To all you wonderful Pennsy peeps, we honestly think you’re the best hospital folk ever!

Mr. Freeze
Javid seemed to settle right back into his little alcove. By the time we left tonight he was curling his hand over the breathing tube, chillin’ like a villain.

One of Javid’s fellow passenger’s at the Pennsylvania Hospital ICN went home today, which made us very happy for him and his parents … and a little jealous. As she left, Gabe’s momma presented us with the lovely gift of a swaddling cloth and a cute little outfit. Thank you and we wish you well!


December 13, 2006

Up to eleven …. and beyond?!?
Since Friday night Javid has begun ingesting slowly increasing quantities of Ana Lisa’s breast milk. As of 9 p.m. tonight he was up to 11 cc’s every three hours.


December 10, 2006

Family photo, part deux.
Everybody’s looking at the camera this time, but the boy just had to go and blink.

Wet’chyer whistle?
Ana Lisa applies Vasoline to the wee one’s dry lips.


December 9, 2006

Today marked the return to action of Javid’s bowel function after surgery. To call the result a bomb would be gross (heh) understatement. In a kind of delighted horror, we’re referring to it as the Bunker Buster.

Okay, that’s done. I think I’ll blow some bubbles now.


December 8, 2006

Javid version 2.0 (months)!
This latest update features eyes that open, but only when someone blocks out the glare from the ICN lights.

“Don’t be afraid, son, you can go ahead and open it.”
The doctors gave all of us a gift today with the news that Javid could start back up on breast milk for the first time after surgery. After pumping a lump, Ana Lisa was able to serve him up some fresh.

A visit from Javid’s “pusher.”

Already jonesing for another fix.


December 6, 2006

“Who are you and what have you done with our son?
Reigniting the debate about whether he sneaks out of his bed when we’re not there, Javid looks like a totally different boy from three days ago. His ears aren’t as puffy, his head has deflated, and—if not exactly lean yet—he’s looking altogether more comfortable. Could he be slipping in some callisthenics on the the sly? Crafty preemster!


December 4, 2006

Tony’s bud Jim Longacre—unable to resist the opportunity to meet someone with even less hair than he—stopped by for a Javid fix on his way to the Iggles game. We’re not sure, but we think Javid blinked in Morse code, “Less important the amount than the direction it’s heading.” We may need to start teaching him a little respect for his elders. Thanks for the visit Jimmy!


December 3, 2006

Javid is eight weeks old! (and swollen up like a balloon, poor little boy…)

Peeking out to see what the world’s been up to since the surgery.

It’s noisy and bright in this ICN. Thanks for blocking out the lights!
All the puffiness after the surgery, plus laying on his back instead of his sides for several days, has made the Wiggly Worm into something of a fathead on his 8-week birthday. After a dose or so of Lasix he’s peeing like a tree, and hopefully will be back soon to his former svelte (er … scrawny) self.


November 30, 2006

Of all things to puff up after the surgery … the ears?

Pumping a lump
Whenever Ana Lisa talks about pumping to our 3-year-old niece Maggie, she refers to it as having to “pump a lump.” Frankly we’re not very grown up ourselves, so “pumping a lump” quickly became standard terminology even among the adults. Imagine Ana Lisa’s surprise, then, when she entered the CHOP lactation lounge for the first time and saw this on the wall…

Señor Pumpalump himself


November 29, 2006

Surgery went very well. See the Updates page for more info! Also, the Guestbook has apparently been down but is now up once again.

Early morning encounter with Mom:
“Wait, before you go, tell me what exactly is a ‘surgery’?”

The view from Javid’s bedside.


November 28, 2006

“Yo, wait up Little Man!”
Thinking to accompany Javid on his first road trip, or at least give him a bon voyage, Tony called over in the morning … only to find out that the transportation team had already arrived and was prepping him for the move to Children’s Hospital. By 10 a.m. Javid was safely installed in the Intensive Care Nursery at CHOP, his home for the next while.

Javid’s new digs (thanks for the cool sign, Nurse Teryn!)

“You’re going to stick that up where?”
Preparation for tomorrow’s surgery included a barium enema, not high on anyone’s list of favorite activities. This was to look for any narrowed areas in the large intestine, none of which appeared in the x-rays. Small intestine, they’re coming for you tomorrow!

Casting an admiring gaze down at the Niblet.


November 26, 2006

Holding pattern
Javid’s had several pretty good days in a row, which we hope keep rolling right on through into his surgery on Wednesday.

“What, you’re just going to leave me here like this?”
Mom and Dad think they’re starting to notice a trend, with the wee one waiting to “desat”—meaning his oxygen level falls below the range of where it’s supposed to be—until right before we leave. Here we’re getting ready to go because it’s 6:30 p.m., time for the nurses’ shift change and one of only two hours in the day when even parents can’t visit. Check out the little red 74 on the monitor above the clock. That’s supposed to be 83 or higher. Not nice, little boy, to make your parents so anxious! Then again, could this be the preemie equivalent of doorknobbing?


November 25, 2006

A visit from first cousin-once-removed Brian Diener. How sad for Cousin Brian to have his first visit include having to recognize that his Redskins can’t even beat the dismal Eagles. Javid was gracious in victory…

The green balloon was courtesy of neighbor Leela, formerly a preemie herself but now about to turn two years old! Happy birthday Leela!


November 24, 2006

As milestones go it may not seem the most gripping, but the hammerlock Javid put on Ana Lisa’s finger tugged at the heartstrings of both parental units.

“Uh uh. You ain’t going nowheres!”


November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Javid’s impression of a Tryptophan coma

Thanksgiving dinner at Nana and Pop Pop Lapp’s house, along with Great Aunt Emma and Great Uncle J. Mark, Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave, cousins Edwin and Maggie … and with a chair reserved special for the little boy.

Seasoned garbologist Yoder Dawdy “found” this and fixed it up nice for when The Kid gets home.

Cousin Edwin’s even keeping it warm for you, Boyo.

This? Well frankly, this was disturbing on many levels…


November 19, 2006

Tony also got to play Kanga (or would that be Kango?) to little Roo!

Since it was Tony’s first time, we brought in an expert to supervise.

First family photo op (naturally no one’s looking at the camera…)


November 18, 2006

Happy Kangaroo Day!

With the help of Nurse Patty and the occasional assistance of her ventilation bag (for the kid, not the Mom!) Javid and Ana Lisa made it through their first Kangaroo Care session.

What’choo lookin’ at?

Leaving her mark already
Javid’s still so puffed up with all the extra fluid, Ana Lisa’s gentle (she swears!) cupping of his head left finger indentations! Given the respective hairlines of both Tony and Javid’s maternal uncles, we hope these will smooth out quickly!


November 17, 2006

Playing catch-up
Despite more than a few soggy diapers in the last two days, Not-So-Wee Boy still hasn’t rid himself of all the fluid accumulated earlier in the week. Rather than the scrawny chicken look he sported during his first days, he now looks more like someone who has chowed on a few too many pork rinds.

Mimi Yoder tells Javid about her visit to the Reading Terminal Market.

Step down
Moving from the oscillator to a regular ventilator means that in addition to the 60 breaths supplied per minute by the machine, Javid can start taking his breaths for himself. Ideally each breath is supposed to make the shape on the graph on the left look like a leaning football. At the moment this shot was taken, we suspect Lil Boy was either celebrating the Iggles’ cakewalk over the ‘Skins, or dreaming up trick plays for a future game of Diener Reunion touch football.


November 13, 2006

Whatever that white stuff is in the syringe above my head, bartender, hit me with a double.


November 10, 2006

Do I really have to wait until Monday to try again with the milk, Mom?

Watched over by Dawdy Paul


November 8, 2006

Happy 1-month birthday to Javid!

Who me?

Aww shucks!

Click here for what could be the first entry in a future bloopers page.


November 7, 2006

I can’t look.

Okay, break it to me gently… Who won?


November 6, 2006

Javid says: Don’t forget to vote!

His three main concerns on Election Day (turns out he may be an “issues” voter):

1. Excellent health care like he’s getting made available to all.
2. Good salaries and working conditions for doctors, nurses and lactation consultants.
3. Lowered minimum voting age requirements. (What, you expect him to wait 18 long years?)


November 5, 2006

Happy 4-week birthday, Javidcito!

Waiting for Javidot
: Cousins Maggie and Edwin, not old enough to be allowed up into the Intensive Care Nursery (ICN), keep themselves entertained down in the first floor lobby while Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy visit.


November 3, 2006

Holding hands with Mom as we hear the good news that Javid has been tolerating the breast milk well, and so will now receive slowly incremental amounts for the next 10 days until—if all goes well—he’s completely switched over to an all-milk diet.

“You pointing at me?” video


November 1, 2006

This morning, some 40 hours after he started ingesting his first breast milk, Javid “soiled” his first diaper. We couldn’t be prouder.


Happy Halloween!

Pictures from October 31, 2006

So it didn’t really count as a costume, but today did mark Javid’s first attempt at accessorizing

And speaking of that ring, look what Mom and Dad were up to eight years ago today. How the years fly by. And look at all that hair!

Can’t get enough of that soft baby skin


October 29, 5:13 p.m. (3 weeks, woo hoo!)

Picture from October 29, 2006

It may not be Kangaroo Care yet, but we’ll take a little skin-to-skin where we can get it


Pictures from October 27, 2006

Finger sucking or Sicilian chin flick? Only the babe knows…

Lighting a candle for the boy

Video from October 27, 2006

What is that painful humming sound?


Picture from October 25, 2006

Yo! Sleeping here!
(snapped by Nurse Jill on her cell phone camera after she came in and flipped on the light)


Pictures from October 22, 2006

Will you stop taking pictures of me every day and let me get some Zzzzzzs?

Home away from womb

What’s that big honkin’ white globe looming over me?


Pictures from October 21, 2006

Been here almost two weeks now—they even gave me a pacifier. Yum! Maybe it’s time to take a peek and see what’s happening on the other side of my eyelids.


Pictures from October 17, 2006

Finally they turn off that annoying blue light—maybe now I can get some sleep!

Videos from October 17, 2006

Chillin’ 1.

Chillin’ too.


Pictures from October 10, 2006

Too sexy for my breathing tube!

Videos from October 10, 2006

Click here to see me wigglin’.

Click here to see me jigglin’.

Click here to see me shimmy and shake.


Pictures from Day Zero, October 8, 2006

A moment for style during the procedure

Best smile all day—those were some good drugs!

Minutes old and weighing less than a 16-oz bottle of soda

Under Saran wrap (!) to get warm

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