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March 21, 2007, Javid’s 1 1/2-year-old cousin Edwin, looking at a photo of the Niblet: “Jah-butt!”

March 21, 2007, Nurse Jill, after Wee Boy, um, “hurled” while being held by Tony: “Did it get on you? No?”
(sotto voce to the Niblet) “Aim better next time.”

February 24, 2007:
“I don’t think it really counts as Reiki if you check your e-mail while you’re doing it.”
(nailed, but wiggling) “Yeah well, I don’t think it really counts as Reiki either if you’re anxiously looking at the monitor the whole time.”

February 22, 2007: “How you doing?”
“I’m okay.”
“Are you lying?”
“A little… You?”
“I’m okay and I’m lying a little, too.”

February 13, 2007, Ana Lisa, distracted, calling the ICN: “Hello, is Javid there? Can I, um, speak to Javid? No wait, okay … hello, this is Javid Yoder’s mother.”

February 13, 2007, Javid’s 1 1/2-year-old cousin Edwin, looking at pictures of Javid on the web: (Noticing his father’s cell phone.) “Phone. Call. Baby.” (Picking up the cell phone and putting it to his ear.) “Hello baby!”

February 12, 2007, Tony’s cousin Carl in an e-mail: “I have to confess, though, that as I started reading, I thought the narration went from beginning to end, and after inexplicably ignoring the helpful dates marking each entry, I started to worry to myself: ‘But are they noticing he seems to be getting greener and smaller, and things in general seem to be getting more and more precarious? This is terrible… I can’t keep on reading…. And the family seems to be in total denial. There he goes catching pneumonia … AGAIN!!’ I was almost hysterical. And then I caught on, of course.”

February 10, 2007, 5-year-old cousin Greta, out of the blue to her mother: “I think I love Javid even more than my friends.”

February 3, 2007, Nurse Theresa, after stripping off his diaper and pointing an air hose at Javid’s rashy buttocks: “Every once in a while it’s good to air out his (‘down there’).”

February 3, 2007, Ana Lisa, after a lengthy kangaroo session: “I’m so sucking on his ears. When all this is over those ears are toast.”

Late-January 2007, out-of-state call to Nana Lapp at her work: “Hey, are you Javid’s grandmother?”

December 14, Ana Lisa speaking to the breasts: “Let’s go girls, Javid needs some milk!”

November 5, cousin Maggie: “Uncle Tony, you can take this diaper for when Baby Javid has a bigger bottom.”

October 30, Javid’s 3-year-old cousin Maggie: “Ana Lisa, is Baby Javid in the hospital?”
Ana Lisa: “Yes.”
Maggie: “Is he all by himself?”
Ana Lisa: “There are a lot of nice nurses and doctors that are taking care of him.”
Maggie: “And why are you not at the hospital with him?”

October 25, Tony’s cousin Marcia commenting on the milestone (and rather gross while it lasted) transition from Javid’s original “skin” (actually an incredibly permeable membrane) to true epidermis: “May we all keep developing skin and being flaky.”

October 17, Ana Lisa referring to a mild irritation in her C-section scar: “Remember how the last time I was worried about something it turned out to be preeclampsia?”

October 10, Ana Lisa: “Percocet and Motrin, mmmmm. Who says hospital breakfasts are bad?”

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